Carine tried to make a phone call with Nathan. At the forth beep, Nathan answered.


“Hi, Nathan.”

“Is something wrong?” Nathan asked.

“Everything should be fine,” Carine answered.

“Should be?”

There was a second interval before Carine started to speak. “Why our ears and eyes were created two while our mouth just one?”

Nathan didn’t answer. It wasn’t truly her question, he knew it.

“Because we must hear and see rather than speak. Do you know why God creates mouth in our face?”

Once more Nathan didn’t answer although Carine gave a second to process. “It is for us to speak in front of people, not behind them,” Carine answered her own question.

“What happen?” Nathan asked gently.

“Sometimes human are listening without understanding. Sometimes human want to be understood, but they don’t want to understand. Sometimes human want to understand, but they don’t want to be understood.

“We live in this strange world. I have two ears, but I hear nothing. I have a closed mouth, but the sounds just like screaming and have a big echo.”

Nathan kept in silence. “What exactly make introvert and extrovert to be different? It should be nothing. But human differ them. Human always like to make a map, make the round shaped world to be cubicle shaped. We have a world inside a world, beside a world, and outside a world. We have our own world in one universe. Unfortunately, we don’t accept guest from the other world. How pity they who has smaller world.” Nathan kept in his silence.

“Nath, I’m alone. My world is not the same as them. We have different acceptance, different mind, and different heart.”

“Carine, are you okay?” this time, Nathan speak.

“I always pretend, am I? Even if it’s hard, it just like nothing. Even if it’s hurt, I’ll be okay.”

“Carine, act like a normal!”

Carine bowed his head. Her eyes started to be icy-glassy-eye. “The truth that you’re my imagination makes me tired. This loneliness is getting more. There’s no real human as my friend. I want to tell somebody about this happiness, sorrow, and everything. But I no one I can tell except the wind.”

Carine let her tears down. “Nath, keep on there as an image. Never be real so that you’ll never change. Stay on there as my friend, the only one and unreal.”

Carine brought her phone away from her ear. She stared at her phone which displayed her face. There was no sign that she just called someone.

She sobbed. Deeper.

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