[1/3] Two Weeks of Dream

About a-month-and-half fairytale story like in wonderland just ended few days ago. Here is the first story…

We had 2 weeks of training in Lembang, Bandung. This training looked like reunion place for TOASTI 2014, since we had a long time apart. I never thought I’d meet these kinds of same people who ever been my rival but inspired me, like 2 years ago. We drowned in our memory,

so there were gaps, group of Himastron and TOASTI. But we didn’t need a long time to build a chemistry, no more gaps, we just Technical Team of IOAA 2015 (at last we called technical team until the nametag distributed and suddenly we called as Jury Assistant). In few days, the truth of ourselves revealed rapidly, that we’re the same type of crazy species. We shared laugh everytime.

We have our own telescope (not exactly our own) to give our best treatment. My telescope, γ 15, was like a fragile baby that I should take care of. Every night, I did assembly, pointing, align finder, polar alignment, and disassembly again.  Also I did checklist before after so I would know my telescope in a complete condition. The telescope was not a baby at all. You know it is thirty-five-kilograms baby with its box. We brought that heavy baby to the football yard from the villa and brought it back after done. When the weather started to rain, the OTA must be saved first. Whatever happens, OTA must be rescued first, then the mounting, then our self. I just like a porter of telescope, lol.

Sometimes the cloud wanted me to play with my telescope. At a time I saw Altair, and then it disappeared less than in 5 minutes. I pointed to Saturn then the cloud met that beautiful planet. Therefore, we should try to pointing to celestial object like doing marathon before the cloud hide them. Sound of hairdryer was heard more frequently during the late of night. Play those things with my telescope in cold, high humidity and variable sky was really fun, but frustrating sometimes.

We went to Lembang at sunset by public transport. Then back to home before dawn. Fasting just like 3 up to 4 hours because I sleep all day long. We had such of high quality time even if my day back to one and half years ago, living in nocturnal life. We spend the night, tried to warm ourselves, before dawn meals, and ended our fasting day, and many more. I don’t know how these two weeks of dream feels like reality. Ah, two weeks just like two days. Time flies so fast…

(P.S. I don’t have any picture in this training, because we’re prohibited to take any picture or even check in at villa’s area.)


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