[3/3] The Glorified One

About one-month-and-half fairy tale story just ended few week ago. Here is the final story…

We’re on the way to Prambanan, which closing ceremony would be held. In Trans Jogja we heard unbelievable but real news. Indonesia got 3rd rank with 2 golds, 6 silvers, 1 bronze and 1 honourable mention. We’re going to be hysteric and noisy. Especially when we knew Joandy got Absolute Winner (no title higher than this one) and Best Observational Test at once. Our joke in every moment just became reality. I don’t know what exactly her brain made of. For Rafif who got Best Data Analysis, I’m sorry we didn’t surprised since your score just published one night before.


Indonesia National Team

Here is the result of Indonesia National Team:

Gold Medals
– Joandy Leonata Pratama (SMA Sutomo 1 Medan)
– Rafif Abdus Salam (SMAN 1 Bogor)

Silver Medals
– Hana Widiapsari Nuraini (SMAN 8 Jakarta)
– Naufal Alifyari (SMAN 5 Bekasi)
– Hammam Raihan (SMAN 3 Bogor)
– Gunawan Setiawan (SMAK Petra 2 Surabaya)
– Brian Yaputra (SMA Sutomo 1 Medan)
– M. Ali Syaifudin (SMA Semesta Semarang)

Bronze Medal
– Moch. Miftahul Fahmi (SMAN 3 Malang)

Honourable Mention
Muh. Fadlila Daya Jati (MAN Insan Cendekia Gorontalo)

Special Award:
Absolute Winner (1st Gold Medal) Joandy Leonata Pratama
Best Observation  Joandy Leonata Pratama
Best Data Analysis Rafif Abdussalam

 I was really proud of them. Their achievement was not reached in an easy way. I knew long process and great effort needed to grab them all. They not only have clever brain, but also high endurance and strong will. At IOAA, they have to wake up early morning, did some tight schedule, prepared their test, and slept in the late night. 2 days of observation round, 5 hours in front of fcking paper problem, and few hours dating with calculator to calculate data and did the plotting. High pressure, stressed feeling, and tired body they had in at least 5 days. Oh, I just recited about their tight schedule in IOAA. Trust me, they’ve done multiple times harder in their training than in the days. I don’t need to specifically write down here about that, I’m sure everyone knew it.

You’ve made it, so you deserved it, guys!


Left: Joandy Leonata Pratama Right: Rafif Abdussalam

I tried to not compare myself with them. I was nothing. If I was something, I was exactly not more than dust of debris. When they did a lot of useful things to fulfil their time, what I was doing? Okay, assume that at that time I tried hard, but they struggled a thousand times harder. When they could understand a whole sky, I just drawn Scorpius, Sagittarius, Orion, and tried to understand the basic that could be solved by elementary school student. They used the night to learn about universe, but I was sleeping beautifully on my bed.

Every second they had were used for learning. What my seconds were used for?

Now I’m awake and in the pain of regret. Everything I think is in the boundaries of ‘IF’. It was my past that can’t be turned back since I don’t have time machine as Doraemon had. I’m awake. I’ll never let my regret keep haunt me. I should keep moving forward.

When I speak about someone, some people actually, that inspired me, I never wrong. They, not only who I’ve mentioned above, teach me to live a life. They give me some encourage to face the future, little but strong. Hard work is another lesson I get. When I have no time to having fun, it is not something should be felt sorry for. I should be grateful of time given to me. When I don’t know what my seconds are used for, that’s not the time fault, but mine.

I’ll let the other side of me to keep hungry for knowledge, to find and discover more. No more pitying myself to not have a time. On the contrary, when I have time I must be the pitied one, because “No knowledge is a waste of time”. Yes, I’m dust in this way. But I know that everyone is a star, we shine in our own way. Please wait a little more for me to strive harder, so we’ll shine bright together and be glorified.


TOASTI and Poland National Team

And the last I should be thankful to spend about a-month-and-half with such of a great journey. New experience, new friends, and new lessons I get. Thanks to all jury assistants, especially main team, for always help me in everything. You’re all, our joke, our cold night, our telescope, and our phenomenal object (M7) will be my memory.


Stuff from IOAA


Gatotkaca, the mascot


with Romania National Team



We’re at Malioboro


On the 9th Floor at 9th IOAA


Jury Assistants (not full team)

Thanks for memory written in Bandung and Magelang. Hope I’ll see you again soon…

Bandung, 28th June – 12th July 2015
Magelang, 24th July – 4th August 2015